About HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens is a fully self-contained wearable holographic computer. It enables you to interact  with your digital content, and projects high definition 3D holograms into the world around you.

HoloLens is not just another methodology for visual measuring but performing digital data capturing to the Cloud. HoloLens gives you a simple way of understanding extremely complex information. It is a new & exciting tool, which gives people a faster path to get their creative ideas into something physical.

With HoloLens you are able to provide your solutions faster and with the visulatsation you can make your customers life better. There are so many potentials in this solution, it really is a game changer!
Transform your world with HoloLens.

UI – Project
Manager Interface

  • Monitor and document simultaneously
  • Project the scope of tasks to the 
    actual project site
  • Production of Intelligence Reports
    on-site in real-time

UX – Project
Manager Experience

  • All relevant details are easy to access and manipulate
  • Hyper-visualize esthetics of all information 
    with an immersive design
  • Provide applicable data with several spatially arranged holographic screens

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