UX – Project Manager Experience

HyperTeam’s Project Management Toolbox will be available as a Holographic interface through the HoloLens, thereby it can be brought up on a developmental or operational project site in a Kanban view. As the HoloLens has spatial recognition therefore, on every site, all the holograms and screens will be automatically brought up as they were left on site. Every Holographic Kanban view will display the name of the task, deadline, and person responsible to complete that task.

UX / mobile

There will be additional functions can be performed with the Kanban note: 1) attach a picture by clicking on symbol button on note which activates pic taking function, and as soon as the pic taken, it becomes attached to task; 2) attach a note by clicking on symbol button on note which activates note window and the user can either type or voice-type notes and when note window is closed, it becomes attached to task; 3) bring up tasks details by clicking on symbol button on note which activates a browser window bringing up the task details window; 4) bring up skype by clicking on symbol button on note which activates skype – this skype will be logged in the task.


Attach a picture

Attach a note

Task details


When you have a particular location where you want a hologram – optimal zone to place hologram is about 5-15 feet from user -, you can place it precisely there in the world. As you walk around that hologram, it will appear stable relative to the world around you. If you use a spatial anchor to pin that object firmly to the world, the system can even remember where you left it when you come back later.

Some holograms follow the user instead. These tag-along holograms position themselves relative to the user, no matter where they walk. You may even choose to bring a hologram with you for a while and then place it on the wall once you get to another room.

UX / mobile

Holograms aren’t only about light and sound; they’re also an active part of your world. Gaze at a hologram and gesture with your hand, and a hologram can start to follow you. Give a voice command to a hologram, and it can reply.

Holograms enable personal interactions that aren’t possible elsewhere. Because the HoloLens knows where it is in the world, a holographic character can look you directly in the eyes as you walk around the room.

A hologram can also interact with your surroundings. For example, you can place a holographic bouncing ball above a table. Then, with an air-tap, watch the ball bounce and make sound when it hits the table. Holograms can also be occluded by real-world objects. For example, a holographic character might walk through a door and behind a wall, out of your sight.

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