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Project Management
in Mixed Reality

Project your PM dashboard right
on the worksite and check and document progress with no time-lapse between
seeing and entering work status

Industrial Maintenance
with Augmented Reality

Even entry-level employees
will have the capability to carry out complex
maintenance work in half the time

Seeing the Invisible – Mapped Virtual Reality

On any street, immediately see any type of 
buried networks (water, gas, broadband, 
and more) without costing a tremendous amount of time and material

UI – Project
Manager Interface

  • Monitor and document simultaneously
  • Project the scope of tasks to the actual project site
  • Production of Intelligence Reports on-site in real-time

UX – Project
Manager Experience

  • All relevant details are easy to access and manipulate
  • Hyper-visualize esthetics of all information with an immersive design
  • Provide applicable data with several spatially arranged holographic screens


What used to include lengthy step-by-step procedures can now be completed at the same time and place. All Project Management tasks and phases can simultaneously be performed using HYPERTEAM’s Project Management Toolbox with the Integrated Hololens Interface.

Home / mobile

HYPERTEAM Triple-A Custom Fitting


Fully understand your company’s current processes & future desires 


Custom develop to fit the HyperTeam platform to your company’s needs 


Familiarize & acclimate 
your company to the 
new system

The 21st century system that looks like it landed here from the 22nd

With over 50,000 users on 3 continents, HYPERTEAM has been developing cutting-edge solutions for corporate users for more than a decade. We are continuing this mission and tradition of creating the best applications by integrating mixed reality technologies. Augmented and virtual reality provide higher functionality that will add a whole new dimension to our solutions.

Once you Hyperview your projects, everything else will feel provincial,
slow & clumpsy 

Project work that used to be segmented into zillions of little parts, now can be executed, monitored and controlled in an entirely new and holistic manner thereby making project work to be more aligned with its scope, and completed on time and within budget. This new project management technology and methodology will have the potential to save 10s and 100s of millions of dollars in project losses because of inefficiencies.







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